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Welcome to Friday Hack

The weekly super-powered coding session at UD

What is this?

This is a weekly gathering of motivated students and faculty looking to get things done. If you want to buff a skill, improve your CV, create a start-up, or just keep yourself accountable then we welcome you.


For Spring Semester 2018 we will meet in our new maker-space the Evans Hall iSuites! Every Friday afternoon (roughly 2-5), but you’re under no obligation to be there on time or to stay the whole time. When changes happen we’ll update this page with new details. Also there is a Slack Channel where we can stay in contact.


This is semi-structured. We might have a short crash course on an in-demand topic (project management, pomodoros, buff your Vim skills, Javascript basics, Node, Mongo, React, Angular, etc). There will be a set of projects that organically evolve from the individuals involved. If you are working with a team then use this time to divvy up tasks for the day then get to work. If you are on your own I encourage you to have a clear set of objectives to accomplish for the day and then share those objectives with someone else in the group. Announcing your goals helps keep you accountable and motivated. It might be wise to wrap up the day with some discussion of what worked and didn’t work for your project, how you’ll improve, and what sort of tasks to think about or knock out between now and next week.

What if I just want to learn?

There can be a never ending list of small apps or business ideas that can be built out. Depending on how far along you are there is always a next step. We can provide some help with next steps if you ask.

Here is an example of how you might pick your goals for the day. If you have some interest in mobile development then perhaps you could spend a session trying to build tic-tac-toe on a mobile friendly site. From that goal you could choose to spend your day making an HTML canvas that shows up on a phone at the right size. You could then try to make a circle appear on screen wherever a user touches the phone. You could then make a grid. You could then alert which square was clicked. That will certainly get you through a healthy Friday afternoon of coding and empower you to think about bigger possibilities.

Crash-Course Topics: